Things to Remember If You Are In an Auto Accident

Car-Side-MirrorIf you are involved in an auto accident, here are some important things to remember to protect yourself if you are injured through no fault of your own.

1. Stay calm.

2. Call the Police Department Non-Emergency – if the accident happens in Memphis, TN, you can call 901 545-2677 (COPS). Remember that 911 is for emergencies only.

3. Make sure you are okay, assist others who may be injured. Call an ambulance if you or someone else is seriously injured. If the ambulance team suggests you go to the hospital, it’s best to go.

4. Do not move your vehicle, unless it is absolutely necessary.

5. Take photos of damage and accident scene, including back of all vehicles involved, showing the license plate number. But please remember safety first. If it not safe because of heavy traffic or other factors, do not risk your safety to take photos.

6. Exchange information with other parties involved – name, address, phone, employment, driver’s licence number, vehicle color, make, model, year, tag number, auto insurance company, policy number.

7. Locate any witnesses and get their information if possible.

8. Do not discuss the details of the accident with the other parties involved or witnesses. If they want to talk about the details of the accident, just listen to what they have to say.

9. Get the Accident Report Number from the police officer on the scene.

10. If you start feeling pain soon after the accident, do not hesitate to go to the emergency room or visit your doctor.

11. Keep track of all conversations about the accident:  who you spoke with and when. Keep all records in reference to the accident, paperwork and receipts from the hospital and/or doctor’s visits and repair/towing bills and estimates

12. Remember that insurance companies are protecting their own interest. Do not give recorded statements to any insurance company, and do not agree to settle an injury claim without first consulting with an attorney.

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This is not legal advice. This is only intended for helpful hints until you have the opportunity to contact an attorney.