Filing for Bankruptcy – Steps You Will Need to Take

When planning to file for bankruptcy, you will need to gather certain documents to bring to your initial appointment with your attorney.  Here are some important items you will need along with two important steps that must be taken during the course of your bankruptcy case.


1.    Picture ID and proof of Social Security

2.  Tax Returns, Form 1040, for the two most recent tax years (normally, W-2s are not needed unless requested for a specific reason)

3.  Two most recent pay stubs

4.  A copy of any and all credit card bills, medical bills, loan statements, mortgage statements, car note statements, collection notices, summons, notices of foreclosure, and any other documents relating to any and all debts, that you might owe.

If you do not have all of the above documents, you can still start your bankruptcy process. At your initial appointment, we will provide you with a checklist of items needed before filing the bankruptcy petition or by a certain date.


1.  Bankruptcy filers are required to take a credit counseling course before the petition can be filed.  This course can be taken online or by phone.  Click here to get instructions for taking the online course.

2.  Bankruptcy filers are also required to take a financial management course before the bankruptcy case can be discharged.  This course can be taking through the Bankruptcy Court for free.  Keep in mind, this course is scheduled only once a month.  If you would like to take the course through Miller Law Firm, you can take the course online or by phone.  Click here to get instructions for taking the online course.

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